Friday, April 3, 2009


What a week.....

Last night I was the only one prepared for my assignment. Actually I panicked because I had pulled the labels off of the old orange juice bottle and left them at work so I ran to WalMart to grab another bottle (I had to show the original labels and my re-worked labels. I had my new labels (front and back) printed up and attached to my oj bottle by the deadline but the deadline has been extended. Why? Because no one else was even close to being done. The few that had a label sort-of worked up admitted they hadn't purchased the product and so they didn't even know if the label would fit the packaging and others hadn't even decided on a product yet.

The instructor told me if I wanted to play with my design more over the weekend that was fine with him but I turned it in anyway because I was happy with it (he was happy with it as well) and I wanted to not have to think about it anymore. Our next assignment (the candy bar) was supposed to be due Tuesday but its being extended too. I asked if it would be okay if I had it done by then and he told me not to even think about it until then. Which is a good thing since I have to work on my website coding homework and pull together all of my portfolio pieces, so that'll be what I am working on this weekend.

This really hasn't been a good year for my car....the driver's side windshield wiper is having issues. I think some guide-wire do-hickey came off because it swings over too far and catches on the side of the car. It tries to keep up with the other wiper and just fails miserably. So its back in the shop this morning, however the mechanic assured me it should be really easy to fix and cheap.

The problem actually started last week when a clip snapped on that wiper blade so I got new ones. The guy installed blades that are too long but it seemed to work okay so I didn't worry about it. Last night it was pouring cats and dogs (and a few surprised mice) when I left school. I turned on my wipers and it went over too far and got stuck...the blade started slipping and was literally dangling outside my car door. Seeing as how it was after 10 and everywhere else was closed I called WalMart to see if anyone could help (even though I told them I'd bought the blades at Sam's Club) and the manager told me to come in and he'd see what they could do. Not much. Long story short I bought Rain-X and managed to gloss it over the windows but it wasn't much help....I did manage to get home without having an accident but that's mostly because I went the back way and drove slow. I wasn't home until after 11 and with the rain (and my mood) I didn't go on my walk and instead went straight to bed.

I think its time I consider getting another car. I told myself this morning that I will start saving up as much as possible and, if everything goes right, maybe look at getting a car this fall. I want to be sure to have a couple of car payments in savings to be on the safe side. I love my car, I really do but its not worth enough to keep investing in constant repairs. Hopefully it will behave for awhile now but I can't overlook the fact that its not a young car and it was probably overused before I bought it (I found a Nationwide Rental tag inside the trunk after I purchased it). It does have its problems that I have learned to work around but if much else goes wrong with it I may just have to walk away. At least if I start setting the money aside now I will be ready for when that day comes.

I probably sound blue in this post....I'm not really. I just hate to think of getting rid of my car. Its been such a good car to me and I really have grown attached to it...lets face it, I'm no spring chicken either and goodness knows I have parts that are wearing down as well.

I am, however, glad its the weekend. Tomorrow will be spent pulling together all of my portfolio pieces (and finishing up a few last ones) and then heading off to Kinkos (well, if I get my car back and the repair wasn't too expensive) to have them printed up. I have a dust jacket and a few other pieces that I can't print on a stardard copier...

I think, given the weather, maybe I will cook a roast. Mmmmmmmmm.......yeah, I think I will definately do that. No muss, no fuss cooking at its yummiest!


♥Miya said...

RainX is a godsend. Once for fun Roy did half the windshield with and half without and we went driving in the rain. That stuff is AMAZING.

mywest said...

Yes it works good in a pinch but over the long term RainX will pit your least thats what I've been told. Get the wipers working and be on the safe side.

Leah Z said...

Raving over your work, delaying homework, giving assignments that justify buying junk food -- what more could you want out of a class? Can't wait to see some of your designs.