Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sorry but its going to be short and fast.

Dad called this morning to make sure everything was alright and that I was still alive and breathing (thanks you!) He pointed out his concern because I haven't called and haven't blogged for awhile.

Just to let everyone know that yes, I am alive and well. I've been busy this week at work making modifications on a large shipment going to Great Britain that needs to ship out tomorrow. Between that and trying to get homework done I am bushed! I was lucky on tuesday that I didn't have to stay for class....I ended up getting 24 points out of 25 (he took a point off because he didn't think the fonts on the back went well with the fonts on the front of the package....he told me that individually they were both great but as a whole I needed to choose a font closer to the other I was using). No biggie. Turns out that even with the extension there were still students unprepared for class so I got to go home along with a few others while everyone else had to stay and finish their project. Needless to say he wasn't amused.

With work, I haven't finished tonight's assignment (I didn't get home last night until after 9 and I was dead tired!)but I have been given an extension to have it emailed in by midnight tomorrow and then I can show him the label on the candy bar in class next week.

Thank goodness for understanding instructors willing to cut you a break.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I still have to work on my portfolio and organize my desk (it looks like a tornado hit it) but I am also going to relax, watch a movie and catch my breath. I took a few minutes this morning to snap some photos of apple blossoms covered in rain...hopefully some of them will turn out. It rained last night and is still wet out this morning.

I love the rain and the pearly gray clouds that accompany it. Everything smells so clean....even if my shoes are damp it is worth it. Hopefully it continues at least for tomorrow....I wouldn't wish rain on the kids for this weekend, but I would enjoy it if it lasted a little longer!


♥Miya said...

Your prof's first mistake was extending the deadline in the first place. I would have given an F to everyone who hadn't done the assignment, and not offer any late work. THAT would have stop the unpreparedness right then and there. Unfortunately, the more leeway he gives to your *ahem* LAZY CLASSMATES, the more they will take advantage of it.

Meanwhile I think you're on your way to definitely being able to get the most help and feedback in this course. Teachers do tend to offer the best advice and help to those who actually use it and appreciate it!

mywest said...

It was very nice talking with you this morning and now reading your blog... I'm not going to back off on our face-off so I hope you are serious. Love, DAD