Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eight Days....Day 1

My favorite author, Tanya Huff, posted a fun blog this morning where for 8 days straight you post things that make you happy. In a world where bad news is all we seem to hear lately it's nice to remember that there are plenty of good things out there. Maybe the good news isn't being shouted from the rooftops...but its still all around us.

My first happiness was found on Etsy. The site doesn't allow me to post the picture, but click on the link to find a truly delightful shop. For those not inclined to click the link, this gal features delicious earrings and pendants that look like plates of sushi, hot dogs, and the most mouth-watering desserts all guaranteed to add not an single ounce to your waistline.

While I may never purchase one of these items for myself, it certainly made me smile when I stumbled upon it this morning.

1 comment:

♥Miya said...

OMG...miniature salmon steak earrings? How awesome! This girl definitely has some real talent!