Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 Days....Day 7

Okay, we all know what a major movie buff I am. I am sure that at some point in this blog I have mentioned how excited I am for this year's summer lineup...after all it includes the origins of Wolverine (though I am more of a Cyclops fan personally). I am all but bouncing up and down in my seat for the Star Trek prequel (17 days left!)and lets not forget the new Terminator movie starring England's bad boy, Christian Bale. I am not as excited for the new Harry Potter...sure I'll go see it but the pushbacks in release date have left me wondering if it will really be worth all of the hype.

But how about next year's slate?

I am squealing over the news that a remake of Clash of the Titans will be in theaters next summer....not only that but Liam Neeson has just signed on as Zeus and he will be joined by the amazing Ralph Fiennes who will be playing Hades. The screenplay is by the ever excellent Lawrence Kasdan so I have high hopes for an amazing experience.

Movie geek? Me?

You betcha.


♥Miya said...

Ha ha, I just made Roy watch the original CoTT the other day. We pretty much laughed the entire time and dubbed in our own lines.

Danielle said...

OOHH!! I didn't know about the Clash of the Titans remake!! How exciting. I LOVED that movie when I was little. I recently bought it, but I dunno if I can convince Rob to watch it with me! :P I dont think he's ever watched it, what a shame....

shawna said...

Miya....its a freaking Harryhaussen classic. Laugh away toots, its still an excellent sampling of stop-motion animation.
Dani....Yeah I love it too but a lot of people look at you funny when you admit you love it. I just love Harryhaussen's work. I have all 3 Sinbad movies he did as well and Jason and the Argonauts.