Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I knew it...

I am definately going to love my product design class.

First class was last night and the teacher let us out a little early (9 pm rather than 9:45)...this way we could run to the store to buy our first homework assignment.

Buy your assignment? you ask.


First assignment is to redesign a bottled product's label. We needed to find a bottled product that came in a unique shape....our first task was to do online searches to find 10 unique bottles. I was looking up Stetson cologne, Windex, All liquid detergent, green tobasco sauce (yum!), basalmic vinegar, octagonal jam jars, orange juice, body and hand lotions. Turns out everyone else in the class was pretty much looking up bottled water and wine bottles. I had already decided I was going to take on the orange juice when my teacher saw the bottle on my screen and got excited. Needless to say he started telling the class what images I had pulled up and made suggestions that they do similar searches.

I claimed the orange juice for my project, picked it up on my way home and started barnstorming.

We have to keep the same information (ingredients, size, weight, upc and logo) but we have to pull the old label off of the product, print up a new one and, if possible, tape your label on.

So freaking cool.

The only downside is that the project is due tomorrow night and I have class tonight in web design...working on it tonight isn't exactly feasible.

Gotta love time constraints. Luckily, if I have everything designed on the computer by the start of class tomorrow I can print it out at school, cut it out and attach it to the project. I already have my idea laid out, I just need to execute it. Luckily its a slow day here at work so once I get some orders filled I will probably sign off the clock for the afternoon (answering phone calls, etc as they come in) and work on my project.

I am so pumped for this. Our next assignment is to redesign the Hershey bar label and attach it to an actual candy bar to be sure our label is the right dimensions.

Bring it on.


Danielle said...

That sounds way fun!!

mywest said...

Way to go your stuff. You have taken on a lot with these class's so don't get burned out. Love, DAD

Teachinfourth said...

Good it's going to be great!

Yancy said...

when do we get to see some of your work? if you don't want to post, you should at least send pictures via email to a couple of us inquisitives. :)