Monday, April 20, 2009

8 Days....Day 6

A lot of things made me happy today.

First, I was so refreshed from my weekend of "relaxation" that I got a lot done at work.

Second, the weather was so nice again that we were able to open the windows and the bay door of the warehouse so the office was filled with the scent of the crab apple blossoms outside the building behind ours.

Third, I came home and saw that Annie had asked a neighbor's son to come mow our lawn. The air coming in my room at this moment is amazing. Seriously, the smell of freshly cut lawn is so mmmmmmmmmmmm good.

Fourth, chicken salad sandwich for dinner and strawberries for dessert. Yum!

I guess more than anything yesterday and today's happiness was all about here are a few of my favorite scents:

Tabu powder (grandma used to wear it and it reminds me of her), freshly baked bread (especially when you know a hot slice of bread with butter will be coming your way), woodsmoke in the fall, freshly mown grass, that mix of oil and gas that comes from leaning over a hot engine, the earthy green scent of pines, freshly sawn logs, the smell of ink from a new magazine, the smell (and feel) of wool, the last breath of dying leaves in the fall, newly turned dirt in the garden, tomato plants when you brush up against them and sandalwood.

I could go on and on but that, for the most part, are the scents that I love the most.

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mywest said...

Oil and gas from a hot engine and woodsmoke worries me. All the rest I can live with...some better than others....