Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gallery of the Graphic Designer-Tropicana

Okay....I've been asked to show some of my work. I'll keep posting more stuff...probably one per day for as long as I have decent stuff to post. Some of my files are rather large and need to not only be compressed but changed over to gif's for uploading.

Since this is the project I got several requests about I decided to first introduce my reworking of Tropicana Pure Valencia bottle orange juice.

Here is the original bottle.

And here is my re-working. Past of the assignment was to design it for a different market. The original bottle was (in my opinion)for health purists/organics. Mine appeals (or should anyway) to upper class moms for their kids.

Feel free to leave won't hurt my feelings.

Some of the changes I made...I didn't like how Tropicana used the word "Valencia" twice on the front right on top of the other. Did they think we weren't smart enough to read it the first time? Also, for pricing issues the original label didn't fit the bottle's unique just looked odd that way to me. I couldn't find an image online of the back of the bottle (and didn't think to take a picture before I ripped the original label off) but the nutritional values were printed in white ink on a clear background....which is fine when there is juice in the bottle, but once you drank it down a bit the front label has a back printing in white so you can't read anything without sloshing the juice around in the bottle. Bad thinking on their part. So I settled for a solid label where this wouldn't be an issue.


Danielle said...

It looks great, you did good!!

Teachinfourth said...

I'd drink it...provided that it didn't cost an arm and a leg. The first one does look like it'd cost more...