Monday, April 27, 2009

!#%(&!***@ series........(ie: I spoke too soon)

I just heard that the final Wheel of Time book (A Memory of Light) will not be concluding the series this October.


Tor Books just announced that "A Memory of Light" will be a trilogy and come out as follows:
Book 12-1 "The Gathering Storm" to be released November 3, 2009
Book 12-2 "Shifting Winds" to be released Fall of 2010
Book 12-3 "Tarmon Gai'don" to be released Fall of 2011

I get the reasoning behind this and all but freaking crap....hasn't this series had us waiting long enough? I was getting ready to start reading it from the beginning (all 12 books if you count the prequel) so I'd be ready for this fall.

Forget that.

I will still buy it when it comes out this fall (I have all of the others in hardback point in swapping to paperback now). However, I think I will wait until the final 3 books are published before reading them. I will probably start the series from the beginning about 6 months before the final release date so I will be able to finally read the entire thing through without being left on freaking cliffhangers anymore.

Honestly, as much as I love this series, after nearly 20 years its time to wind the thing up already.

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