Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All in a day's work...

Ever have one of those days that even though it drug on forever you still feel good about it? Welcome to today....nothing major really happened--the boss didn't even show but sent in about a billion emails (okay...five or six). Most of the managers didn't call in and the ones that did had fairly easy issues. No one really even complained today. Of course tomorrow plans to be different--received word from one of the managers that a tenant is coming in tomorrow to give us a piece of his mind (why he thinks we will want it is beside me!) Won't even bother explaining why he's coming in, but it'll be interesting to hear what this guy has to say when he gets here. Of course I am completely hoping he waits until later in the day when more than just Mike and I will be here to deal with him but, if not, we'll just have to deal with him, smile, and tell him to come back later when someone who can answer his questions can help him. Hey, I am just a glorified pencil pusher around here, this girl is not getting hazard pay last time I checked! All in all it really was good...I feel like I accomplished a lot and that's really all that matters when you go home at night, isn't it?

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