Wednesday, June 6, 2007

whatever happened to customer service???

Mikey and I bailed out of work early today to see a matinée showing of Spiderman 3 (yeah yeah I know a lot of people say it sucks). Anyway, we get there and this bored-out-of-her-skull-and-I-couldn't-care-less-for-you attitude teenager behind the glass tells me "sorry the thingy is broken...the next show is 6:45". THINGY? Is that some new technical term I am supposed to be impressed with? Well, we both really wanna see the movie so I go to order a ticket for the next showtime only to be told (in a tone that suggested I was an idiot for asking) that the theater would not be giving me that ticket at matinée price because it was an after hours showing. WHAT?!?!?!? Like its my fault your "thingy" broke and that I now haveta hang around the mall for two plus hours AND eat the time I took off from work for, customer service is gone for good kids. Does anyone even remember what it looked like? And rather than hang around the mall we drove back to work (this little trip took nearly an hour all said and done)and Mike calmly went back to work while I fumed a little, wrote a fairly nasty comment on the theater's "rate us" site and then wrote one for Mike too since he's too busy being productive rather than destructive like moi at the moment. Sadly, though it felt good at the time to get that out....I feel like a real witch right now....anyone seen my broom?


Miya said...

Meh, don't feel bad, I was in a real bitchy destructive mood after I was denied entrance to 28 Weeks Later cause I didn't have my ID (after two years of having never been carded), then showed up for the next showing and didn't even get carded then. With the same staff present, mind you. Teenagers are so stupid (glad I never was one!)

shoezimm said...

Yeah well...the theater sounds like they are gonna give us tickets to see something else for free as a result so....boy was I ever in bitch mode that week. Lack of sleep gets me every time!