Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in good graces?

Well...that might be pushing it a little, but I AM back on the sunnier side of life today. Still lacking sleep so not exactly sure why but I have read my book--Tanya Huff's "Smoke and Ashes" (YEAH TONY! WAY TO KICK DEMON ASS!) and am now 2/3 of the way through Neil Gaiman's "Anansi Boys" which is slowly winning me over. I need to take a long weekend, forget the world for awhile and just immerse myself in reading again. That and I need to figure out how to open that program I downloaded for my drawing pad so I can learn how to use the silly thing!

I've decided (for the moment at least) NOT to get a tattoo but to instead draw myself a totem of all that, for whatever reason, appeals to me. So far the Japanese symbol for imagination (cause it looks so pretty and imaginative!), a crow, a dragonfly and swirls will definately be the main focus. If I can get my drawing pad kick started I would love to play with this in Photoshop...but one step at a time.

Oh...spoiler if you haven't watched LOST this season...DAMN IT CHARLIE FREAKING DIES?!?!?!? WAH!!!!!! Just watched the episodes "Through the Looking Glass 1 & 2" last night and am still sad.....of course the island needs to bring him back (or he'll at least be back for flashbacks, etc) but still...darn those writers. At least Desmond is still running around in one piece!

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Miya said...

Had a feeling it was coming sooner or later (via Charlie) but I stopped watching the show after that one episode in season two about Charlie trying to baptize Claire's baby and whatnot. The storyline (and all the characters) just really started pissing me off (Especially when someone told me that the one gal that Hurley is friends with gets killed by that annoying black guy from Matrix 2. And she'd only been on the show for like 2 episodes! I mean, I started watching cause of all the mysteries and such, not to fucking watch Kate and Jack and Sawyer's stupid love triangle. That shit belongs in the soaps!) That and Kate really disappointed me...I mean, they make her out to be this uber dangerous gal (that one dying guy who was like, "ZOMG! She's dangerous! OH NOES!" and then you find out what she did you're like, "Um...okay...wouldn't we ALL love to do that to our stepfathers?" And then killing Sharon just when she was becoming less annoying...

Can you tell I hate this show? Heh...BTW, did you download the drivers for your drawing pad to work? Or just a program to draw in? If you haven't downloaded the drivers, let me know what kind of drawing pad it is (full name, model number if possible, etc) and I'll find the drivers for you.