Sunday, June 24, 2007

reversing one of the biggest mistakes of my life...

Well, if anything the title certainly grabs you! Well kids, keep your fingers crossed for me because Thursday I have a surgical consultation to reverse my stomach stapling. It was 20 years ago this month that I let my parents talk me into having this done and its pretty much been barf barf barf ever since. I gained back what little weight I lost (plus actually) and see no reason to keep myself miserable any more. Mikey has listened to me complain about how I'd like to have it reversed someday and asked me the other day why didn't I have it done now. Hmmmm..serious pause. I just always assumed no insurance would cover it but I spoke with a dietician who agreed it would help with a lot of issues I have been having, and then I spoke to my general practitioner who agreed that this would be a very good idea and would gladly give me the referral. Did some online research and found its not very hard to undo...but there may be some internal scarring from having thrown up for so many years that may take a little effort to get rid of, but otherwise its a couple of little cuts in the abdomen and out they come. Of course its not that easy but I can't believe how excited I am over this. I did vocalize my one real concern to my dietician...if I can hold more stuff down won't I gain weight? She pointed out to me the fact that I have just started a healthier diet, am now excercising and that my weight hasn't fluctuated in over ten years now. Hmmmmm....more food for thought. If insurance agrees I plan to have it done as soon as possible! For starters, I still don't know if I will continue working for the employer who pays for my insurance so I'd want it done before I leave there, but mostly I want this over and done with so I can try to regain my health...and who knows, when it was stapled originally it took a couple of years before I even felt hunger pains...maybe we can shock it again!

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