Friday, June 22, 2007

and the girl goes to the highest bidder....

That's how I feel anyway. Okay, my uncle has offered me a job working full time at $12-13 an hour to start, a dollar raise in six months with commissions and bonuses and a lot less stress...the only downer is that I wouldn't have benefits but then I could proly afford to get my own policy. The offer was made on Thursday and I told him I would have to think about it. And I did for a few minutes and then decided to take the job and get away from this one. I haven't told him of that yet but I DID tell my employer today that I was considering his offer. I believe the actual words were "I am considering it but really I do plan to take it..." Well the office manager panicked, spoke to the boss and had me come in to speak to the bosses' son who told me if it was the money then they would gladly pay me that. SHIT! So now I sit here with this semi-offer of a raise and will be having a meeting with the boss on Monday to air my opinions on what I'd like to change, especially since the office manager and son both agreed with a lot of what I had to say. I feel like I am in a freaking bidding war! Sadly though if work agreed to even a few of the changes I would like to see done I would stay, if only because I don't want to abandon the park managers (the office itself I am not really worried about). This sucks because, even though things would improve, I really did want out. Its also about the fact that I feel like I am some sort of employee terrorist holding a gun up to the company and demanding more, More, MORE!!! Keep you all posted with where I end up....sad thing is that even if I stay, Mikey will still be leaving. The little chicken shit just sat there while I was being asked "but you love working with Mike, how can you leave him?" and he didn't volunteer a thing! I soooooooo wanted to say, "I'm NOT abandoning him, he's abandoning me" but had to end up stating that we would be friends whether I worked for the company or not (which he agreed to later but he still got a good laugh over my predicament!) sigh. So now I get to spend the weekend thinking of ways the company could get to keep me, and reasons why I feel I should leave... why did I even open my mouth????? Looks like prayer and fasting are on the menu for me this weekend.

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