Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Me? A jailhouse pin-up? ......maybe....

Well, son #1 never panned out...so my friend tried interesting me in her even younger son. No interest there (on my part--no idea what he thinks). NOW she's asked that I write the even more younger son who is in jail and needs a pen pal! So I did...what the hell, its letters for crying out loud and I really do miss having someone to write to rather than email email email. I mentioned this to another "adult" friend of mine who panicked when she found out I intended to send this poor kid a picture of me so he'd know just what it was he was writing to. "You can't do that!" she kept telling me. "You'll end up on some jail wall somewhere"....uh, okay. First of all, its a picture and I really don't care what he does to it--its not like I am asking for it back once he gets out of the slammer, and second of all, lets take a long hard look at what it is he'd be looking at. As flattered as I am that she was concerned over this I really don't think some poor kid is going to be that desperate to try (oh lets just say it) masturbating to my picture. So the letter went out in this morning's mail...all five freaking pages of it (lets face it I tend to ramble kids!) Its probably a good thing I am writing it to someone who definately has the time to spend reading through it, though I am not sure that reading it isn't cruel and unusual punishment in and of itself!

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