Tuesday, June 26, 2007

and the prize goes to......

Actually I have made up my mind but sit here scared to death because of it. Monday's meeting didn't happen and was moved to today....if you can call it a meeting. I sat there, listening to him ramble on and on about some "big plans" he had planned for me down the line (this was the first I was hearing of it) none of which was really clear...more just outlines that he was considering but not necessarily planning to offer. That went on for forty five minutes with him neither listening to anything I said or offering anything other than vague promises and a lot of threats that it was only because of Gloria that I hadn't been handed my walking papers the moment I mentioned leaving.

He questioned my honesty by stating he didn't trust people who'd given notice because he'd heard "those kinds" were going to rip you blind during those last two weeks! He was demeaning about his employees (brutal about the one son who hasn't abandoned the company but desperately wants to--tho dad doesn't know it)when the comments were not appropriate to the issue at hand. I left wondering just why would I want to work for someone who had no trust in others, no people skills whatsoever and you're told "that's just his way"...you know what--to hell with that! Who cares if the guy has money and people have bowed to him all his life...you are still responsible to treat others as human beings. He wonders why he can't find loyal employees but he treats people like disposable tissues so its no wonder they eventually get tired of being demeaned and belittled and unappreciated and leave.

I had started this blog being really scared but right after starting I called Yancy (thanks bro for answering tho I know its late there and you had to be up early) and used him as a sounding board. He knew as well as I did that I already had my answer. I got off the phone with him, called my uncle and asked if he was still interested in offering me the job. I can start as soon as I want to...seeing as how I will be without a job after tomorrow I am thinking Thursday or Friday would be great (proly Friday since in the middle of this morning my closet flooded--my room is now a bunch of boxes hastily piled and the living room is a sea of books and patterns laid out to dry...boy do I have a mess to clean up!) But what a blessing to know that I have something else I can turn to. Sure I will lose my medical benefits but then I am fairly healthy and can always look into a private policy--my roommate is willing to help there since she just went through that herself. I will have to get a new phone number (yeah! a new phone!) since work will own my old one. Small concerns. My real only conundrum was working for family--Dan pointed out I really will be working with the office manager more than him anyway and that he saw no problems with it at all.

Now all that remains is to tender my resignation in the morning...I have no intentions of listening to what he plans to offer me since I don't want to be tempted...besides, I already accepted from Dan.

A whole new ballgame awaits....

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