Friday, March 14, 2008

And the reason I wanted a Mac is?????

Cause the school made me take one. Seriously, the sucker has been a pain since I got it...the software doesn't run properly, it is unfamiliar to a PC girl and now this latest travesty! I rarely take the thing online but when I did for a class on Tuesday Apple insisted there were several manditory updates waiting for me that needed to be addressed I told it to go ahead. Now the stupid thing will not get off of the "restart your computer" screen no matter how many times it gets turned on and off. Apple is stumped, but they kept me on hold forever to finally give me that piece of information. First they transferred me to the wrong customer service (they sent me to the IPod branch). The gal who "helped" me troubleshoot my computer ended up chastizing me because I didn't have my installation hardware with me at school when I called in. Yeah, right. She then told me I had no choice but to go to Salt Lake as I only had 5 days left on my warranty. I asked for a closer alternative and she finally admitted that there was a local guy who could fix it under warranty but gave me the wrong address for this company. I call the local boys this morning and they tell me that warranty or not they will charge me $75/hour to try and fix it! What?!?!? It comes to me not working, stops working on its own accord and they expect me to pay them for the privilege? Don't think so. So we're back to the "drive to Salt Lake" scenario only now I am being told it may be a few days before I get my laptop back and so not only am I going to be without a laptop (with my final project on it for this class that was due yesterday) for who knows how long, I also have to drive to Salt Lake and back two times over this.
Customer service these days completely sucks.


Yancy said...

sorry you've had such a bad experience. I love my mac. :)

Teachinfourth said...

Should have gotten a PC...however, maybe Roy and Meem can help you out with it...they're pretty savvy with Macs, aren't they?

It sounds like you need a maple bar...I need a maple bar.

Miya said...

Try doing the mandatory update again, only this time, when the computer says it needs to restart, hit 'OK" and it should restart on it's own. If not, after you hit "OK", restart it manually...but DON'T just shut it off and turn it back on. The computer is still doing the finishing touches of the install in the restart, but if you've just been turning it on and off, then it hasn't been able to finish (which is why it keeps telling you it still needs to restart).