Monday, March 17, 2008

Isn't it sad when something you love has to change?

Believe it or not but this torn up "road" that extends into Provo Lake was once a wide pebble-strewn path with willows, trees and underbrush along both sides. This braken was thick enough that you had birds nesting in them and they provided shelter from the strong winds that can come up off of the lake. Towards the end there were sections where the lake would rise up over it and you were literally "walking on water"...well, through a few inches anyway. I loved walking the levy.

I went out last night, excited to walk it again since I hadn't been since last fall when, to my dismay, it is blocked off and torn apart. I am sure the change is because the levy was slowly erroding but the bulldozers have taken something I thought beautiful and turned it into a muddy gray mess, devoid of vegetation. Trees have been uprooted and the birds will have a hard time finding shelter in what little is left. The winds actually froze me through as I walked a few feet onto the "road" in stunned shock; nothing left to block its icy progress.

I will continue walking out onto the levy...but it will be with steps of longing and regret for the march of progress.

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