Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday Wanderings

Well Saturday marked the day that an intrepid explorer rose from her bed and ventured forth to see the world through her camera lens. With roommate in tow, Annie and I drove up past Sundance to where the road ends (literally...the road ends in a dump of snow just past Aspen Grove). We hopped out of the car, climbed up a snow bank (no easy feat in sneakers!) and then set off across a snowy field towards Stuart Falls. We didn't make it as far as the falls but did get probably a half mile up before we started sinking into the snow a bit. It wasn't bad in the wooded portions but once we hit the second meadow all bets were off. We came to a fork in the trail and I was surprised to see the trail marker standing only about a foot up out of the snow. I looked down at my feet and realised that the pine tufts I was seeing in the ground weren't dropped from local trees...they were the tops of some of the local trees! Silly me hadn't thought about the fact that hey we'd just climbed about five or six feet up onto that snowdrift to get here....we were wayyyyyyy above the trail here (as you can see for yourself in the photo)!

We turned back not soon afterwards and I hoped some of the tons of pics I had taken turned out. Even if they didn't, it was beautiful up there...the sun was shining, the sky was blue and, despite all the snow lying around, I was out there in a t-shirt and feeling fine...I will definately go back out though once the snow melts!
We then drove up Vivian Park canyon to the end and snapped some more pics...I definately need to buy another camera battery because this poor old one runs out of juice too fast. I honestly could have filled both memory cards Saturday without losing a beat. As it was my camera died all too soon and I was left to come home, promising myself I'd be out that way again soon.
On a personal note, I did look at my pics and there are a few redeeming shots amongst a lot of crap ones....but I am still learning so I am okay with that. I will take the gems and treasure them, dump the dross and get back out there for more! I really do need to keep track of what I snap pics of though...I took way too many of the mountain that all look the same. What a waste of battery juice!

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