Sunday, March 30, 2008

Germ-y Fingers.......

can get you a ziplock bag full of hot tamales!

I went to Jase's place this afternoon for some homemade tortellini soup (yum!) and, not thinking, helped myself to some hot tamale candies from the glass jar on the counter. Not long after Jase asked me if I had washed my hands first. Uh (cough cough) Without further ado out comes a large ziplock baggie and the tamales just poured in. Zip went the bag and they landed with a hefty THUMP onto the kitchen table for me to take home.

I can honestly say "sorry" for making Jase have to buy more for any company that shows up--but not so sorry that I won't enjoy eating them over the next few days!

Jase, I promise I will buy you more the next time I come over!

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