Thursday, March 20, 2008

My day as a college instructor.....

Isn't as oh-la-la as it sounds. Last night our instructor announced his mother was in the hospital and that he would be leaving early. He gave us a brief lecture on deductive vs. inductive thinking (did I mention I am taking a logic class?) and then popped in the video "An Inconvenient Truth". We were to watch the video and then he prepared to leave. He stopped by my chair, left me the roll and asked me to give roll again after the video, advise everyone they were to write a brief 1-2 paragraph essay on whether Gore fufilled his goal of reasoning the rise of CO2 levels being the reason for global warming. He asked me to take the essays from everyone once they were done and to give him the roll sheet, essays and his dvd back to him in class on Monday. Whoa. Boy were there some grumbles after he left about the dvd, and even more when I called roll afterwards and told them they had to turn the essay in before leaving. Not surprisingly, several students had bailed early, a couple snuck in late and I had to explain to them the instructors policy on latecomers (he droned on about it several times both Monday and Wednesday). I admit I peeked at some of the essays that were submitted. One gal wrote "I don't believe in politics and don't believe in this assignment." Other than her name that was it on the paper. Dang. You'd think some people would take college a little more seriously...especially when they are paying for it!

All in couldn't pay me enough to get me to do that job! Teachers around the world...take a bow and kuddos to you for having the patience for the job.

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