Monday, March 17, 2008

And the reason I want a Mac is????...part two

Okay, I trashed on the Mac in my last blog. Here's the rebuttal.

Called the Mac Docs and they had said they wanted $75 an hour to look at it, right? Wrong! There was no way I was gonna pay Annie and I drove up to the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake after work on Friday so they could take a look at my malfunctioning little monster. Whoa. Like the mall a lot...for those who have not strolled its walkways, its a freaking outdoor mall. Never seen one of those before...

Anyway, walk into the Apple store and holy freak it was busy. No, let me redefine was BUSY. Had to wait about 15 for my name to be called and then I was helped by this kid who couldn't have been 2 minutes out of high school named Piers. Very nice kid. He ran a diagnostic and it turned out there was something wrong with one of the updates my computer had downloaded that was freezing it up so he removed the old download, loaded it again, gave me a patch that should have my adobe software running smoothly and working properly, and then happily answered my Mac questions without making me feel like an idiot. He showed me how to do this one effect I wanted my dock to do and explained just how that warranty thing worked (and its half price since I am a student). From soup to nuts I was in the store for about 40 minutes and walked back out with computer-in-hand. All-in-all it was a very good experience and I want to extend my personal kuddos to the Mac boys in Salt Lake because they managed to turn a lousy experience into a good thing.

I even let Piers talk me into a book...kind of a MacIntosh 101 if you will that was created to teach PC peps (like myself) how to effectively play around with their Mac. It shows me all the options, bells and whistles that my little baby can do and shows me all of the shortcuts that don't translate from PC to Mac (which is pretty much all of the ones I know!) Kuddos again for actually helping me find a book that I can use (translation: understand) and not the most expensive one on the shelf!

Well done Mac.....

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