Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hello sports fans.....yes, I have bronchitis. Nothing to do for it but to wait it out but its not fun; my chest burns, my throat is raw, luckily there is no fever but I feel completely wiped out and exhausted when I really haven't done anything yet, and (my personal favorite) I feel like I can't get enough air in. The last one is the scariest...I panic and it doesn't help having thoughts that you are suffocating when you are trying to pull in oxygen!

Funny though, despite this I am actually in very high spirits and feel great (mentally anyway...the physical has taken a momentary leave of absence!) I want to run home and finish all the projects I have lying around...unfortunately I have homework and actual job-related work that needs to be done. Still, its nice to feel creative, regardless of how the rest of me feels.

Side note: one great benefit of being so tired is that I went to bed early last night but couldn't sleep so I finished that biography I was reading on Fred Astaire! Yeah, yeah, I should have been reading the next chapter of my logic book but Fred's life was much more entertaining!


Miya said...

Everyone I've been talking to has either something like a cold or a flu. And I just reread The Stand. Oh joy! Captain Tripps is after us!

Teachinfourth said...

Oh the joys of illness! If you need anything, be sure to let me know, okay?

shoezimm said..., my neck isn't swelling up yet so it can't be Captain Tripps...I do need to read that book again though!

Jase...Soup! Tortellini Soup!