Thursday, March 27, 2008

Utah blessings....

Boy you can say whatever you want about Utah but I love the fact that I can walk over to the office next door and ask for a blessing with no questions asked, no funny looks and they are willing to take a few minutes out of their busy work schedule to help you. Comes in handy when you have no idea who your home teachers are! (Seriously guys....does anyone get their home teaching done?) The guy who assisted was more comfortable speaking in spanish and it was beautiful. For a language where they speak a couple million words per minute, its amazing how much it can sound like poetry (or is it just the cough syrup talking?)Between that and the NyQuil I plan to buy on the way home, maybe I can get some sleep tonight!

On a side note: I sound terrible and feel horrid....but I am still perky and happy.... Hmmmmmm....I had a swig of cough medicication this morning...darn that alcohol content!

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