Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Considering Jason's "Christmas in September" birthday theme and the amounts of fudge and cookies that I not only baked but also ate I somehow managed to lose a pound over the weekend rather than the 5 I was sure I'd gained.

Of course the my actual weight is still in the "Oh my goodness" section and I am still retaining water like a freaking hippo...but it doesn't change the fact that I lost that pound.


Gerb said...

Just stopping by to say THANKS for the plate of fudge! Am I naughty for only sharing very small portions with my kids and eating the rest myself? You are culinary-talented, thanks for sharing.

And it was nice to finally meet you.

Danielle said...

You gotta celebrate EVERY milestone!! it helps!!

shoezimm said...

Gerb....after how much Jason has talked about you it was great finally getting to meet you! And no, it is not naughty for retaining a larger portion of the fudge for yourself...and thanks for the compliment, I love to cook (and it shows!)