Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got those "don't wanna get up" blues...

Well, I really wouldn't call it blues...more just reluctance to crawl out of bed at a decent hour...

I went to Jase's yesterday and spent time going over his photos with him and had fun doing so....Janelle called and apparently wanted to watch season 2 of Heroes on the big screen before the season premiere on Monday so she snagged some Cafe Rio salads for us, stopped by my place to grab my disks from the roommate and then came over.

Jase pretty much left right after she arrived as he had Comedy Sportz last night so Janelle and I watched episode after episode starting around 7 am and finishing just after 1 in the morning! It was great getting through the season so now we're prepared but dang if my body did not want to get up this morning.

Gee....I wonder why?

Going back to Jase's this afternoon for dinner (I have a pot roast simmering in the crock pot as we speak) but I think I need to be home by like 10 as I am going in to work at 7 tomorrow to pack up a few orders before Dan and I head to the trade show. He announced Friday that my aunt Lori and their 2 youngest boys are coming with us as well so it ought to be fun. With the boys coming I think I will need my energy levels up for sure so its off to bed by 11 tonight!

I know it will be tiring but I am now actually looking forward to my Vegas excursion (but then my aunt and uncle are both a kick in the pants so I know between the two of them we'll have fun)

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