Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tired.....but still has potential....

Yeah, I'm still tired.

I'd stopped by Jason's before school to grab a piece of my cardstock that I needed for a homework assignment (and to get my package of braunschweger that I've been craving since last weekend)...and ended up staying for a few minutes more looking at the photos he's considering for the Sundance Harvest Market. For those who have yet to see a chunk of Jason's work....if you live in Utah you really ought to come to the market on October 4th and 5th (conference weekend). Trust'll love seeing his stuff.

So then it was off to school where I turned in my die-cut project. Funny but I didn't think it was THAT complicated of an assignment but it ended up being passed around as no one had done that assignment yet (it was due yesterday) because they couldn't figure out what to do with it. We only have 2 more nights in class (one of which I will miss with the Vegas trade show) but I am the only one who has turned in a majority of the assignments. I have my primary colors photo in (a lot of people were complaining about that assignment because he won't accept a staged photo), my 4 background are in (only one other gal has hers in) and I am the only one with a die-cut assignment in as well. Which is really sad because out of the 8 classes we have for this subject, I am missing 3 of them and yet I am on-task. The final assignment is to design a flyer, get approval from the company you are making it for, get a bid for printing it and have 1 copy done. Honestly, this will be worked up tonight and in the morning and then I will stop at Kinkos to print it up and get the bid and then I am done.

I got home from class and, seeing I was buzzing still from guzzling several caffeinated bevies made the mistake of parking my butt in front of the TV to watch an episode of "House" (which is a freaking good show). Well that was followed by another episode of "House" and then I channel surfed a bit until I found an interesting show on the food network. Its essentially "Miami Ink" for the cake decorating set. I can't recall what it was called but the shop is in or around Baltimore and the designers were creating cakes like an armadillo wearing an emt outfit (Steel Magnolias fan for that one) and a nature scene with a lake and ducks hanging from a mobile above with a sculpted duck hunter and his faithful pooch.

Freaking incredible...but I didn't get to bed until after midnight.

So yes, I am tired.....but I am still feeling a buzz from last night's class (or last night's caffeine, who knows) and I am doing pretty good today.

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