Friday, September 5, 2008

Field Trips and Educational Deviations

So I had a field trip yesterday. Both of our current "Print Design and Color Theory" classes met on campus, piled into cars and drove a few miles down the road to Alexander's Printing where we re-assembled and had a freakingly amazing tour of the facility.

For those who are not interested in design or what happens when they send work in to be printed you probably would have been bored stiff but I happily listened (and asked probably more than my fair share of questions) about the various equipment we were shown and about variations of paper, ink, digital vs. offset printing, binding etc etc. We saw a book being created from start to finish...printed, cut and then bound in softcover and stitched in hardcover formats. Postcards, business cards and flyers were being printed on every side. Bond paper weight and color variations flowed past in a stream of discussion and, for about an hour-and-a-half, I was in designer geek heaven.

My fun field trip was not only educational in the sense that I finally had a grasp on just what happens "behind the scenes" but in the fact that I ended up catching a ride with my instructor/mentor Tim. On the way to the printers I listened as Tim was weighing the pros and cons of a fellow student continuing her education into the Bachelor program (which will be offered starting in January). As he laid it all out for her I found myself weighing out my own options as well...and as soon as their conversation finished I began asking my own questions that hadn't been covered.

The end result, you ask? Hmmmm. I will still have my associates in Graphic Design by June of 2009, as planned, and will graduate with my degree. By the time I take my graduation walk I will already be in classes for the Bachelor's Program and will graduate again in September 2010 with a BA Degree.

A BA'd have guessed that one was coming.

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