Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Viva Las Vegas....again

Once again I find myself in sunny Las Vegas and not exactly enjoying it.

I miss my own bed......having my own stuff around me just in case I want to use it. My cat walking over me at 3 in the morning as he climbs into my window to confer with the neighbor's outdoor brood.

Okay, maybe I don't miss that last one quite so much.

Yesterday we arrived in town, Dan dropped me and the booth stuff off and while he registered at the front desk, his son Tyson and I set up the booth. Luckily Dan arrived in time for the bigger stuff (I'll take a pic of the booth and post it tonight). We were finally done and headed up to Dan's room to collect my aunt and my other 2 cousins that came down for the trip. Dan had Lori, Tyson and I go to the "meet and greet" where they had some h'orderves (however you spell it) and some toned down cover band playing in one corner. Can we say awkward? We then ate at a deli here in the hotel (really good sandwiches) and then we took a tour around the pool.

We then split up....Dan wanted to show the kids some of the cool stuff around Vegas and I just wanted my room....so to my room I came. I watched the Heroes opening show and then the 2-hour premiere episode but I admit I was so tired I drifted off a few times and was a bit confused about what was going on. Having watched all of Season 2 over the weekend I thought I knew where everyone was but, for some reason, Matt was in the desert and somehow Syler got Claire without anyone else knowing about it???? As I said.....I was confused. Then it was off to bed drifting in and out of sleep all night on a fairly uncomfortable mattress.

Woke up this morning and my back was out. Seriously out. It must've been from my super-hard mattress but I also know that I really do need to lose some weight.

I ended up stretching for a bit and then a superlong hot shower focused on my spine and 4-tylenols for me to feel remotely ready to face my day. I still hurt but am able to walk upright so that's a good start! I actually feel great otherwise and am in a very happy mood....I just wish my spine was on board with the rest of me. Maybe I should wear my tennis shoes today rather than my nice ones just to be safe....

I went to the opening breakfast and grabbed some scrambled eggs and honeydew melon and then back to my room now to check emails from the work account. Now a quick blog and down to the conference floor because the show starts in 20 minutes.

Wish me luck and I will talk to you all later!


Miya said...

I noticed that when I started gaining weight, my back hurt like crazy! But I've been doing all the basic yoga poses that come with the Wii Fit and it works wonders. Try to find a super-basic yoga video and try some of it out. It's fantastic for stretching your spine out.

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry you weren't feeling too well. Hope the show is killer!