Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When it all comes together...

Do you ever have days where you feel like you can't get a single thing right and then, amazingly enough, the next day you're on top of your game?

I'm like that at school.

There are days where I feel like a complete idiot because I can't find a function in Illustrator or Photoshop that I would have sworn was there earlier. Or sitting there staring at a blank new document and wondering how in the world am I going to convey "serene calm" into a background....while students all around me are zipping away with the assignment and not sitting there held captive by their own lack of imagination.

I need to learn how to "find my muse" as they say. Goodness knows I have an active enough imagination but I have no idea how to take what is in my head and get it down on paper. Anyone have any pointers?

But then this blog is about getting it right.

So I am sitting in class last night and first I had to show a photo I'd shot that captured primary colors. I had pulled together several of them to show and not only was my instructor impressed, he actually asked for one of them. It was a nice shot I took of Jason and Yancy walking down the street in SLC last Christmas by Temple Square.

Compliments are amazing things. Here is my instructor telling me I have a good eye and how happy he was to see that I found the colors he'd requested in objects you normally wouldn't notice them in (the pink/red of Jasper's nose, the yellow of his eyes and the blue of the cube he's looking through or how mom is pretty much all 3 colors in that shot). He couldn't believe I hadn't photoshopped colors or used filters on some of the shots.

In other words he liked my stuff.

Which is nice because I like it too. But it helped me that night because as I sat there working on my next project I started to trust myself and just start playing. Sure the buttons still weren't where I had left them (maybe its just my computer) but I was able to hunt around and eventually find what I wanted. I wound up with several nice backgrounds that are going to be turned in on Thursday and my die-cut card project turned out freaking amazing.

I need to start trusting myself more.

The following isn't even the best of my stuff but its what I took with me to class last night...they all have primary colors in or around them.

Downtown SLC

Closeup of metal sculpture





Sunset Fence

Tiger Lily




Teachinfourth said...

Love em!

shoezimm said...

Thanks! I am happy with them as well. Even though I have no plans to become a photographer there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you can take amazing shots just the same. It still amazes me though as to what pictures turn out and which ones don't.