Friday, September 5, 2008

A few hours with family

I have an amazingly cool family. Seriously. I could probably heap up tons of stuff on each individual family member....and most of it would be good!

Today my aunt Chris drove down from Salt Lake to take me out to lunch.(Incredibly long and convoluted story short: Chris is from Washington State, drove down for a summer job and was in SLC for a few days visiting her sister).

Since she didn't know anywhere down here I drove us to one of my favorite places: Mimi's Cafe. I thought she'd enjoy going somewhere new that she'd never been to before...turns out that Mimi's must be a chain of some sort because there is one across the street from Disneyland and Chris eats there whenever her job has her taking a trip to the park (she organizes trips for the me, she's been some cool places).

So my place isn't as unique as I thought, but that doesn't make me love it any less and the food was great (as always).

Afterwards Chris wanted to see where I lived (crap, I knew I should have made my bed this morning) so we drove to my duplex and she met my cat (which she appropriately loved and thought was adorable) and the roomie's dog. Funny, but I think my aunt's eyesight must have gone haywire for a few moments because she thought the dog was cute. Apparently not cute enough to stuff in the car and take home with her, but cute.


An hour-and-a-half flew by all too soon and I eventually had to come back to the office and Chris had to make her way back north in time to go to a football game that my cousin will be in tonight. Tomorrow she'll drive north to stay at my Uncle Eddie's place up by Boise and darn if I don't miss her already.

I have a freaking cool family and I love spending time with them....even if its only for a short while. I hope she can make it to my brother's wedding in November because every minute with that woman is a good time.

p.s. She's going to look into buying a coffeehouse when she gets back home that is up for sale and has asked me to make up a logo for it!!!!!


Danielle said...

AW!! I love Chris!! She's so funny! And I miss Eddie and Kathy!! :(

The Scotts said...

Aw, family... I don't know how Josh and Danny go so long without seeing them! :)

Kris said...

Yes you have a wonderful family!!! Well except for....I won't mention his name....J/K.