Thursday, September 4, 2008

Field Trips

I am strangely excited to go to class tonight because we are going on a field trip. Of course it will be a bunch of us from both of the "Print Design and Color Theory" classes just piling into our cars and driving over to a local print shop for a production tour (rather than having us all pile into the big yellow bus of days gone by) but I am still rather silly over the idea. I haven't been on a field trip since high school.

I feel as if I should have a signed consent form from my mother.


Miya said...

OMG, JEALOUS! *wants an awesome field trip*

By the way, nice new pic! I love the glasses! If you had those particular ones before when I saw you at the graduation, I can't believe I didn't notice...very stylish :P

Teachinfourth said...

Big yellow buses now run $350 for a field trip from the district...if you go any type of mileage, it costs somewhere between $3 and $4 per mile as well.

shoezimm said...

Miya....thanks for the compliment *curtsies* I do look good in these, don't I? And no, you did not miss them at the graduation because I only got them last week.

Teach...I know, I know...but it still would have been cool to take the big yellow bus rather than pile into cars. Actually it turned out for the best because I rode with one of my instructors and he gave me some good info....but I'll blog about it today.