Thursday, September 18, 2008

sooooooooooooooooooo tired

Yesterday was fun....

Yesterday was tiring.

I had to run around town getting pictures printed up for the trade show I am heading off for on Monday, plus photoshopping other images to be printed on banner material (also for the trade show...which I will have to pick up tomorrow).

After work I went to a soccer game in Springville that my friend's youngest girl was playing in (they whipped the other team 5-2 which leaves them undefeated so far this season). Spent a few minutes flirting with (and subconciously drooling over) a divorced father at the game that my friend knows...bummer he's so hung up on himself and has a thing for skinny chicks. After the game we went back to her place and canned pears until just after 10. Trust me, 5 hours of peeling and peeling and peeling and then slicing and slicing and slicing will freaking wear you out!

I crawled home covered in excess pear slop, cleaned out the litterbox and was shutting the front door when something banged into it. Hmmmmm. No idea what it could be, but then I wasn't about to open the door to check....I was too tired and frankly wasn't concerned. changed into jammies and crawled into bed....only to be kept up by cat fights outside my window. All I can think is that some crusty stray decided the food was all his and that he wasn't going to share(the roomie leaves food out for the strays and all the neighborhood cats who have a home but want the food anyway).

So I was awake off and on for a hefty chunk of the way I was getting up early.

So now I am at work, nodding off and seriously about to go to the gas station for some caffeine cola just to get me through today and class tonight.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday...but I have a trade show to finish packing for, a keynote presentation to prepare, homework to finish since I'll be missing class on Tuesday and I am sure at least a dozen other things before I leave on Monday.

It never ends.......

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Miya said...

Mm, pears! :D

I saw out driving today and a nice breeze made it's way through the window... and it smelled like Fall! Seriously, that just made my day. Autumn was definitely God's best work in the seasons category!