Monday, September 15, 2008

Only in Utah

I was driving in Springville Saturday morning when I passed something all-too-familiar down here: a fender bender. What I noticed next, however, was not as familiar....the young gal who had been rear ended was leaning casually across the trunk of her car smiling up at the young man who had run into her...who was leaning against the side of her car and smiling back.

They were flirting.

And apparently having a good time of it, which was suprising considering the broken pieces of taillight and miscellaneous debris on the road and the flashing red and blue lights of the city police writing up his tickets.

I can hear it now.

" did you and Dad meet?"

"Well honey, its a funny all started when your dad rear-ended my Toyota with his pickup".

Only in Utah can you have an accident and wind up with a date.

I can only hope he didn't rear end her on purpose just so he could meet her.


Teachinfourth said...

Isn't that how Mom and Dad met? I thought EVERYBODY met that way...I was just waiting...

shoezimm said...

Smarty and dad met because they worked at the same place. Mom had to go to the warehouse (where dad was) for parts and he was the one guy who wouldn't yell at her. Funny story about when dad brought mom home to meet grandma. Grandma was in the house watching dad help mom out of the car and for a moment she thought he was dating Hayley Mills. She told me that her first thought was "Way to go George!"

Danielle said...

That's cute! so is the story of your mom and dad! You're such a people me!